Arpith Siromoney 💬

Put Subject in Front of the Verb, Would You?

I think the “stylistic variations” analysis is basically the right one, but if we are looking for a description of the distinctively Yodic word order that Lane and so many others have picked up on, I don’t think OSV, or XSV, is the best way of characterizing it. It seems to me that the prototypical Yodic matrix declarative clause takes the form Pred S Aux, where Pred is the predicate—a verb phrase, a predicative adjective phrase, or a predicative (or even possessed) noun phrase—S is the subject, and Aux is one or more ‘auxiliary’ verbs, in which category I include (for present purposes) progressive and passive be, perfective have, modals, copular be, and possibly even the main verb have.

Yoda and Henry Luce.