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Supporting Google App Indexing

I’m building an app to share notes called Constellational, and recently I’ve added support for universal links. This makes supporting Google App Indexing straightforward. Here’s how you do it.

Installing with CocoaPods

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

Then, in a new terminal window/tab:

$ pod init

This creates a Podfile — add the following to it:

pod 'GoogleAppIndexing'

And then install the pod:

$ pod install

If you got a warning about target overriding the ‘OTHER_LDFLAGS’ build setting, open the xcodeworkspace and add $(inherited) as a new line in Build Settings’ Other Linker Flags.

You’re also going to have to remember to use the xcodeworkspace instead of the .xcodeproj from now on :)

Adding it to your app

Add the header to the top of your AppDelegate.m

#import <GoogleAppIndexing/GoogleAppIndexing.h>

And call the register method in your application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:

[[GSDAppIndexing sharedInstance] registerApp:your iTunes ID];

To generate your iTunes ID you need to add your app to iTunes Connect.

That’s about it! This fixes #70

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